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What to Stop Spending Money on so You Can Travel More..

Not sure how to pay for your New Year’s resolution to travel more? Cutting back on little luxuries and non-essential items can help. Here are 10 ways to be more intentional about how you’re spending your money on the day-to-day to help you save toward travel experiences you really want.
1: Gym memberships. Traveling more and working out more are two of the most common resolutions, but realistically, does that gym membership actually gets its full use? Although you can get some general gym memberships for under $50 a month, many people can spend more than $200 a month for memberships to specialty gyms like CrossFit or Pure Barre, especially if you live in a city with a higher cost of living.

No one is discouraging exercise – if a gym membership is valuable to you, by all means, keep it! But opting for working out at home, running on public trails or joining a recreational sports team to burn calories instead of having a gym membership you’re not frequently using, can put money back in your pocket. Assuming a gym membership costs $110 a month, you can save $1,320 in a year. Depending on when you book, you can find deals from contemporary cruise lines for 7-day Alaskan trips as low at $619 a person. You could also opt for a premium package and go for a shorter trip.

2: Takeout, fast food, etc. Eating out less is another common New Year’s resolution, so you can kill two birds with one stone on this one. If you skip buying two $15 takeout dinners every week, you can save about $1,560 in a year – enough to pay for a week’s stay in a luxury hotel in Palm Springs such as the Saguaro Hotel..!!!!!


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