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Big Travel, Small Budget: How to Travel More, Spend Less, and See the World

How to Travel More, Spend Less, and See the World is available in paperback and for Amazon Kindle. It has been downloaded thousands of times, has more than 94+ reviews (with a 4.6 average out of 5 stars) and will help you reimagine how much it really costs to travel…

In this article we will talk about the best brewer, how to ensure you’ve got freshly ground beans, and then what can sometimes be the trickiest aspect of making coffee while traveling: obtaining hot wate
What about cooking times? They’re dependent on stove output, fuel type, ingredient quality, pot size and shape – so a recipe that instructs you to cook something for three minutes per side, or simmer for an hour, is broadly illustrative at best and misleading at worst. Accuracy doesn’t even enter the picture.

And are they even worth the trouble? The world is filled with millions of recipes, with tens of thousands of new ones created every day, all accessible at the click of a mouse or a turn of a page. If you’re halfway interested in cooking, you’ve probably skimmed a dozen recipes this week already, and yet statistically the average home cook rotates through just five dishes – not even enough to get through a full week. Most of the world’s recipes will languish uncooked forever in the depths of the internet.

But the biggest problem with recipes is not that they are imprecise or ineffective. Their greatest failure is that they treat cooking as a discrete unit, something to be (with apologies to the excellent Jamie Oliver) executed completely in under 30 minutes on a school night.

Recipes teach a modern style of cooking that is focused solely on eating meals, to the exclusion of kitchen craft and home economics. Making a simple dish that’s over and done with in under an hour is all well and good, but it is also a very inefficient way to cook.

No cuisine in the world could ever have been created in discrete packages. A standard Japanese meal contains three dishes: soup, rice and pickles. To make that from scratch three times a day would be impossible, but with good kitchen craft it’s possible to eat a full meal every time with a minimum of effort. Pickles, rice or simmered dishes are cooked with no specific meal in mind, and then stored and used over days and weeks as elements in multiple meals.

The basics of French cookery require stocks, preserves, mustards and other preparations that must often be made weeks or months in advance. If you’ve ever thrown extra vegetables in the bottom of the pan of a roast dinner in anticipation of bubble and squeak the following day, you’ll understand the importance of basic kitchen craft.


If you are a coffee addict, you might find yourself asking what you’re supposed to do about your morning cup of coffee while traveling. It’s a good question, and one that many coffee loving traveler has struggled with.

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for Kuerig coffee or Starbucks Via packs while on the road. You can make a truly great cup of coffee easily, no matter where you are in the world.