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Spoken language reveals how people develop and mature..

Study examines everyday language and ego level to better understand the state of moral, social and cognitive development This developmental sequence is illustrated in a single diagram, displaying the words showing the strongest association with each developmental stage. Ego level progresses clockwise, beginning with the lowest (Impulsive) level (in white, at

Smartphones put your privacy at risk..

Consider everything your smartphone has done for you today. Counted your steps? Transcribed notes? Navigated you somewhere new? Smartphones make for versatile pocket assistants. That’s because they’re equipped with a suite of sensors. And some of those sensors you may never think — or even know — about. They sense light,

Career options for Commerce students after Class 12..

Deciding on a suitable career option after Class 12 is one of the most crucial decisions a student has to make in his/her life. But with the rise in the number of career counselors, career options and internet access, the task has become a lot easier. Students who have opted for