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Lenovo’s third variant of Chrome OS Yoga Book to launch in 2017

Lenovo’s Vice President, Jeff Meredith confirmed in an interview that it will be releasing a third variant of its Yoga Book in 2017 at Tom’s guide Innovation Award.

Jeff said, “It’s an interesting idea for education, especially with the form factor.”

The sleek design book will have Real Pen, which will work in the same way that it does on the Android version of the Yoga Book, meaning, that drawing and making notes will be easier, as the paper pad – Create Pad will be magnetically attached to the system that will read the pen directly on the bottom half of it.

However, there is no official date for Chrome OS version release, but as mentioned on Laptop Mag, Meredith said that the company will maintain three Yoga Book versions “throughout this year”, meaning that Lenovo is working on the new version but it won’t come soon.

Talking about the sales, Meredith said that U.S. sales were “just average”, while in the South-Asian markets like China and Japan the sales were pretty good.

Yoga Book 2-in-1 was launched at IFA this year, and it arrived in India around last week. The laptop is claimed to be the “world’s thinnest 2-in-1” which comes with a price tag of Rs. 49,990, and is exclusively available on Flipkart.

In India, only the Windows variant has been launched, and the Android variant hasn’t arrived yet.