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Firefox in 2018: We’ll tackle bad ads, breach alerts, autoplay video, says Mozilla..

Firefox could get its own ad blocker and breach notifications alerts, according to Mozilla’s 2018 roadmap.

Firefox maker Mozilla has outlined its 2018 roadmap to make the web less intrusive and safer for users.

First up, Mozilla says it will proceed and implement last year’s experiment with a breach alerts service, which will warn users when their credentials have been leaked or stolen in a data breach.

Mozilla aims to roll out the service around October.

“Breach alerts will inform a user if a site they’ve visited has been breached and will ask if the user wants to have their account checked to determine if it was compromised. If it was compromised, some helpful information will be presented to the user,” writes Mozilla Firefox developer Asa Dotzler.

Breach Alerts is based on security consultant Troy Hunt’s data breach site Have I Been Pwned.

Firefox will also implement a similar block on autoplay video to the one Chrome 66 will introduce next month, and that Safari already has. However, Dotzler says Firefox’s implementation will “provide users with a way to block video auto-play that doesn’t break websites”.

This feature is set to arrive in Firefox 62, which is scheduled for release in May..!!